Donate to the Wambale Catholic Mission

The Wambale Catholic Mission provides solutions to support the people of Uganda. Fr. Francis Mayinja, a Catholic priest and native of Uganda, is instrumental in bringing a substantial improvement to the basic living conditions of the people in the villages of his country. A sustainable living environment will be accomplished by providing access to basic elements such as education, water, agriculture, sanitation, and medical clinic facilities through the gifts, talents, and expertise of many generous individuals.

To this end, Wambale, Inc. was created and is dedicated solely to continuing this effort. The website, is positioned to provide an instrument for financial donations to be applied directly to the needs identified by Fr. Francis. Just visit and click the ‘donate now’ button to give.

Education is the key solution to the improvement of many adjacent difficult factors in the lives of the Ugandan people. However, in order to provide that education, some of the other basic necessities of life require attention first. Clean water, sanitation facilities, medical clinics, agricultural solutions, and schools all contribute to the solution and physical well-being of the Villagers. The Catholic faith, spiritual growth and sacramental nurturing are all intertwined in various facets of the Wambale Catholic Mission.

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