Family Events

Dec 2017 – Family Potluck with Saint Nicholas

The Knights family potluck was filled with excellent dishes, joy and Saint Nicholas! The food ranged from Dan’s smoked barbecue pulled pork sandwiches to Mac and Cheese and the deserts were plentiful.  It was a great night of fellowship, family and Christmas Joy.

Saint Nicholas visited our potluck and shared the history of this great saint. He told us the origins of Saint Nicholas in Asia Minor and how, when he lived and served as Bishop, helped a family get money enough for a dowry for the three daughters of a very poor family.  With help from some excellent budding actors we got to see the whole story unfold before our eyes.  Finally Saint Nicholas read ‘Twas the night before Christmas’ and astute children raised their hand as they noted all the references to dear old Saint Nicholas.

After story time, we all lined up to take pictures with Saint Nicholas. Knights and kids alike all sat next to jolly Saint Nicholas took photos to remember this joyful night.